Custom Orthotics

Foot Orthotics: (Picture 1)is the science of designing and constructing custom foot appliances such as arch supports and  shoe inserts to help in preventing and correcting foot deformities, effectively helping to support and properly align the feet to minimize foot pain and increase comfort.

Orthotics are usually made from polyvinyl chloride, silicone, leather, polyethylene foams like Plastazote®, or thermoplastics.

A good athletic shoe often has adequate support, but for some people a custom made orthotic is the only way to achieve the proper alignment and balance to reduce or eliminate foot pain after extended standing or walking. 

Functional Orthotics : (Picture 2) these orthotics are made from harder plastic materials and are designed to correct defects of the arch, including over-pronation (common in people with flat feet) and for people with over-supination (common in people with high archs).  Both of these foot problems can lead to heal pain and plantar fasciitis, in addition to causing excessive and uneven strain on muscles and joints throughout the legs, hips and back.

Accommodative Orthotics : (Picture 3) these orthotics are designed to provide additional padding to disperse the weight and help support sesamoid bones (bones embedded tendons), metatarsal heads, collapsed tarsal bones, inflammed toes and sores.  By supporting and dispersing weight, these orthotics relieve pressure to those areas thereby relieving pain, and allow healing in many cases.

Orthotics are generally recommended for those people suffering from the following:

- arch strain
- bunions, corns, and calluses
- crooked or hammer toes
- heel pain
- heel spurs
- metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the 
- over-pronation (foot rotating inward)
- over-supination (foot rotating outward)
- plantar fasciitis

Are over-the-counter orthotics just as good as custom-made orthotics?

(picture 4)--In some cases, off-the-shelf orthotics will significantly address a person's foot pain problem.  However, in some people, the exact fit of the orthotic device is needed to properly address the problem, and therefore custom-fit orthotic is the only alternative.