What is a Pedorthist?

A certified pedorthist is an allied medical professional who specializes in the use and fabrication of custom footwear and orthotics to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs, notably problems arising from diabetes, arthritis, and injury. As part of the allied medical profession of Orthotics and Prosthetics,  pedorthists work with a variety of people, from athletes to diabetics, promoting foot health, maximum mobility, and comfort. Like other areas of O&P, pedorthics is very rewarding as you know you are changing and enhancing your patients’ lives.

In order to become a pedorthist, someone must study anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, to learn about how the body moves and which conditions affect the feet and lower legs. Typically an associate's degree is all that is required before a pedorthist trains specifically with an institution which teaches people how to apply corrective footwear and orthotics to patient care. After completion of training, a pedorthist can apply for certification through a professional organization and then pursue a career.


A Certified Pedorthist or CPed is one of few healthcare professionals trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics. With specialized education and training in the design, manufacture, fit and modification of foot orthotics and footwear, pedorthists help to alleviate pain, abnormalities and debilitating conditions of the lower limbs and feet that if left untreated could result in limited mobility.

A podiatrist must first provide a prescription for a particular type of orthotic or custom shoe/modification, and then a pedorthist manufactures the prescribed orthotic, which the podiatrist then provides or sells to the patient. Occasionally, a podiatrist will have the custom orthotic made in the doctor's office, but the vast majority of doctors send the orthotic out to be made by a pedorthist, who provides the orthotic back to the podiatrist.  

Our Pedorthists

Rene (Fredy) Urrutia and Chuy Ortiz are both certified  pedorthists at GK Custom Footwear. Both Fredy and Chuy (pronounced ("Chewy") began their careers as a shoemakers. Fredy began as a cobbler at a very young age with his older brother in his native country of El Salvador.  A few years after moving to Ohio in 1985, he began training under the tutelage of an established pedorthist.  He then completed his education and training to become a certified pedorthist.

Fredy came to Arizona in 2003, having been recruited at a trade show by Ernesto Castro, then the owner of a Mesa, Arizona facility, the Arizona Walk Shop. He worked there for several years, where he met another pedorthist, Chuy Oriz.  After a change in management at the Walk Shop,  Fredy founded GK Custom Footwear, and later Chuy joined him.

Both Fredy and Chuy were cobblers for many years before becoming pedorthists, and combined with their passion for quality craftsmanship, they have earned  a rapidly growing reputation here in the Phoenix metro and beyond.  GK Custom Footwear has already become the go-to facility for many other foot care professionals, particularly for more complex custom footwear needs, and is the exclusive provider of orthotics for one the Phoenix area major sports franchises.

 Credentialed Individuals
Click to see detailsRene A. Urrutia, C.Ped., Mesa, AZ
G.K. Custom Foot Wear
1954 S Dobson Rd Ste 4
Mesa, AZ 85202-5660

Certification Details:
Program: Certified Pedorthist
Cert #: CPed0759
Cert Date: 05/01/1999
Exp. Date: 12/31/2015
Phone: (480)777-5517
Fax: (480)777-5543


 Credentialed Individuals
Click to see detailsJesus Moises "chuy" Ortiz, C.Ped., Sacaton, AZ
Gila River Health Care
PO Box 38
Sacaton, AZ 85147-0001

Certification Details:
Program: Certified Pedorthist
Cert #: CPed1369
Cert Date: 11/08/2003
Exp. Date: 12/31/2011
Phone: (480)461-1940