About Us

Who we are and why we make the very best quality custom molded shoes:

While we offer all of the services within the scope of a pedorthist, our specialty is to make custom molded shoes of the highest quality at a reasonable price.  All of our work is done in-house in our fully-equipped facility.  We never have a need to send out our work elsewhere. Rene (Fredy) Urrutia, and Jesus (Chuy, pronounced "chewy") Ortiz, both of whom are Certified Pedorthists ,  work together and are extraordinarily skilled at making custom shoes and orthotics as well as  shoe  modifications.  Together they have over 40 years experience as pedorthists. Significantly, what sets them apart is that they both became outstanding shoemakers before becoming  pedorthists.  For Freddie, the pride of being an excellent craftsman was first instilled in him at a very early age when he apprenticed with his older brother in making and repairing shoes.  That passion for quality together with his past experience in making shoes is the foundation for his ability to provide unsurpassed quality in making custom molded shoes, as well as orthotics and shoe modifications.  

As our reputation has grown,  professionals and patients throughout the valley and beyond are increasingly turning to GK Custom Footwear for the best quality in  custom molded shoes, and at a fair price.  The reality of cost containment has decreased footwear reimbursements which, over time, has unfortunately led to a parallel decrease in the quality of the therapeutic footwear that insurance will pay for. Yet what has not diminished is the occasional patient that has footwear needs that only a high-quality custom made shoe can satisfy . While most patients with demanding therapeutic shoe requirements are well-served by a good pedorthist combined with a custom orthotic and a factory made custom shoe, there remains a subset of patients who are only best served with a high-quality custom molded shoe. Also, there are those patients who simply desire an entirely custom made shoe and are willing to pay the additional out-of-pocket expense. While some who make custom molded shoes charge well over a thousand dollars, our prices are well below that and most people who come to GK Custom Footwear pay much less than they expected.   Additionally, we are increasingly receiving requests from footwear specialists to accommodate their most difficult patients sooner rather than later.  It is for these patients and practitioners that we offer our specialized service. 

Finally, we firmly stand behind and guarantee all of our products and services and we will do whatever is needed in order to satisfy our customers.